Create an erc-1155 NFT for a VRM file

I am creating an 1155 token and I would like add a VRM file for it to work inside the OnCyber Metaverse. Is this possible? It will not take the file format, are there ways to get it done?

gm! What creators have done in the past is mint a video or something like a glb and then add the VRM file as a link in the metadata.

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GM! Thank you @lyndo. I think OnCyber has a way to take that from the metadata and actually load the avatar on their platform if you have it in your wallet. I have also asked OnCyber, so would be great if I can understand the process, so I am doing it right. I will start with GLBs :pray:

Hi @lyndo, OnCyber helped me and explained how I need to upload the file and create a url link. I am creating an 1155 with a claim page but I can not find in the creation of the token where I can add the “vrm_url” info anywhere? Do you know how I should add this to the token? Appreciate your help!

Hi @lyndo, I have the info for where the VRM is on ipfs, but where do I put the link on the erc-1155 with a claim page? Would appreciate your help :pray: