Create claim with free choice of amount

hi there, is there a way to create my claim page with a ‘free choice’ of how many tokens are claimed. for now it seems there is a maximum of 10 tokens. as i like to make a collection for humanitarian causes with micro payments, like one token for 0.000001eth, it would be awesome a user can choose tomanual like 1111 tokens. with this max 10 , i do not see a way to make this possible.

any support in that?

Hey! This is an update we have slated, but for now you can circumvent this by setting the per-wallet limit to a really high amount (like 1000 or 10000 or something).

can you kindly clarify, soo when i set the per-wallet limit to lets say 10.000. it will make users able to claim more than 10 at once? will the gui be different? … with a manual input of how many tokens… or what will change? thank you so much for your effort and awesome work!