Created a Claim Page, but it does not appear in OpenSea

I have searched the forum but have not been able to find a solution, so I am asking a question.

The following operations were performed

・Create Token Claim Page
・Create Day 2023.2.1 CONTRACT、TOKEN

On the Claim Page
“VIEW ON PLATFORMS” does not appear on the Claim Page
I can’t find the settings either.
Claim Page:

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Gm! Until tokens are minted you won’t be able to see the tokens appear on a platform like opensea. Once a token is minted a collection will be created and then viewable on the different platforms.

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Gm! lyndo
Thank you!

“Until the token is minted”.
Do you mean to click on “CLAIM TOKEN” from the “Claim Page”?
So if I mint it, I will be able to see it in OpenSea?