Created an open mint page, can anyone help me with my gif asset?

Hi there,

i just created an open claim mint page for my collectors.

Link: Respawn

can anyone help me out with my gif asset? it seems to glitch out on the claim page, but when I go to see original media it seems to work fine. Any fix?

Please check it out now, should be fixed. There was an issue with compression for load speed. Note that if you update the claim again, you may need to contact us to fix it again as it may revert to the asset with the compression issue.

Hi there,
i just updated the pricing on my mint. Could you possibly fix it again for me? Apologies for the troubles.



We are working on this, will let you know once it done!

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Thanks Dong! The mint site just launched open for the week, so would appreciate it being fixed as sale just started. Thank you so much!!!

I just made the fix, please check back in around 5 mins or so