Created my first contract and minted a token, but I cannot find the mint page link

I feel really stupid for asking this. Normally I am able to figure all this stuff out on my own, but for some reason I cannot for the life of me find the manifold link to share the token I just minted on my new contract on BASE.

The token shows up on Opensea, the number of editions are correct, but the only link I can find is the gallery link, opensea link, and royalty registries link.

Any help with this will be greatly appreciated!

EDIT: Just figured out it was because i didn’t create a claim page. If an admit sees this, feel free to delete. Thank you.

Thanks for the follow up! The claim page allows you to basically stage the mints for your collectors to mint the tokens as they collect.

Hmmm - Is there any way we could have made this easier for you or help point you in the right direction better?

Appreciate the feedback.