Creating aToken/Listing for a Specific Collector

The ‘Private Listing’ app is in ‘maintenance mode’ and word is they don’t know when, if ever, maintenance mode apps are going to be back in use.
I really wanted to use private listings for 3 different pieces for buyers this week.
What’s the best way to create a listing that is for one specific buyer without Private Listings?
Is the way around this to make a claim page for my 1/1, limited to 1 token and select ‘custom’ for claims and upload a CSV with the one specific wallet address for the collector?
What are other ways to create a token listing so that it goes to one specific person?
Can I use my 721 contract to preferably do this somehow?
Thanks in advance!

Just to update on anyone wondering about this, it worked successfully to create a claim page limited to 1 x 1155 token, and selecting custom, uploading a .csv file with the wallet address. Personally I found it would only accept a comma delimited version of csv to be accepted. As far as how to set out the csv file in excel, this can be found in Manifold docs, it’s very simple.