Creating collection “folders” - is it possible?

hi there, I have been searching the forum for anybody who has asked a similar question, but I haven’t found it as of yet. I have minted one collection, one piece is minted separately from the batch, as I didn’t realize how I could do batch minting before. So I minted one piece, and then realized afterwards how I could do a batch.

My question really is how can I put all of these pieces that I’ve minted together in one collection, and then create a second collection, so that they are effectively in different folders? In other words, I would like for them to show up in different folders, in the same manner that a different collection shows up on foundation. I hope that question makes sense. The reason I would like to do this, for example is currently my collection is all photographs from Egypt. But I would like to have a separate collection with for example photographs from Perú, etc…

My second question is maybe a silly one, but I cannot seem to find where I can locate “my page“ so that I could potentially direct people to see any of the pieces I have minted all together in one place. As opposed to a link for each individual piece.

Thank you in advance for any help!

gm! Typically platforms will respect each contract as a separate collection. When minting tokens either individually or as a batch, if it is on the same contract, it will appear in the same collection on Opensea.

There isn’t at a Manifold gallery page the way you’re describing but creators have built their own with our widgets:

Another option to display minted tokens is a third party app in our Apps tab called Curate.Page.