Creating editions with some tokens airdropped and others claimed

Hey! This is what I am trying to achieve - create an edition of 50 tokens, mint to myself/airdrop 15 tokens and have a claim page for the remaining 35 tokens. Could you help pls?

gm! Sounds fun - Are you running into issues or bugs anywhere?

gm gm! Mostly a qn - Do I in this case keep the supply as 50 and add my own wallet ID to the whitelist or use the airdrop feature?

You can simply use the airdrop feature

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Perfect then! That solves it. Thank you!

Hey there, just for the sake of not making another post - as this interests me…
Can this be applied to open editions?
I want to launch Open Editions with minting price, but want to reward previous collectors so they can mint it for free. Is it possible to do this?

Possible but will need to be done in two different phases. You’ll need a period with a whitelist/free and then afterwards edit the Claim to an Open Edition with a price!

oh I see! I did not know you can edit claim pages once launched. I will try this. Thank you so much!