Creator Earnings / Royalties


I am having trouble getting my collection to have enforced royalties on OS.

I created my contract before the deadline and minted the first token on mainnet a few hours before the deadline, yet the royalties I set up on the contract are not enforced on OS, any ideas how I can fix that? Thanks in advance.

Sorry for the confusion. How did you determine royalties are not enforced on your contract on OS?


I determined it because when listing a token for sale, I have the option to set royalties to 0%

Sorry I forgot to use “reply” in my previous message, any idea how i can fix it or do i have to deploy a new contract?

OpenSea supports royalties as long as you properly set them. Did you try following these steps? Royalties - Manifold Docs

I have set royalties on both manifold and on OpenSea as well but opensea still allows sellers to set them to 0:

Does this mean my contract somehow is no eligible?

If you deployed your contract and minted a token before Jan 2, try tapping on “Refresh Eligibility” in the Creator earnings screen.

I created it and minted a token on Jan 2, some hours before the deadline.
Pressing refresh doesn’t do anything, it stays the way it is.

Do you know if this is something OS can just turn a switch on for to make it work? I guess sending them a n e-mail wouldn’t hurt… If not I suppose I’ll just have to make a new contract?

Are you referring to this token?

It shows 5% royalties on OpenSea:

It does, but the seller can set them to 0% when listing. Maybe I misunderstood what “enforcing royalties” means? I am under the impression that the royalties cannot be edited when they are “enforced”.

OS is not getting back to me, i’d really love to get an answer to this. Do I need to make a new contract in order for Royalties to be enforced onchain?