Credit card support

Is there a no code way to add support for credit card payments with Manifold?

I see this in the docs with no explanation:

looks like this was a partnered drop - probably needs some custom code to integrate cross mint

Looks like this page was updated with a new example on the Minting Page. Are credit card payments going to be a new feature on the Minting Page?

Hey! :slight_smile: We’ll have an announcement regarding this soon…

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That’s amazing news! Do you know how soon this announcement will be?

Hey! :slight_smile: You can now set up credit card payments on your claim page: Claim Page - Manifold Docs

Is it possible to enable cc and eth payment for a non-claim page? For example, if someone had their own website and wanted to utilize this integration of a multi-payment solution for an individual artwork or for a collection (batch). Thanks! It would be great to have this set up.

Amazing! Thanks for adding this feature. We’ll give it a try out.