Crossmint causes open claim page to be out of sync with the blockchain?

hey everyone,

i love the concept of the crossmint integration… however… there is no option to have it enabled during the new claim page process…

so as of right now, i have to wait until i complete the claim page process… then go to advanced… then hit save

and when i save it, and try the “buy now” button on the claim page… it shows the “pay with card” option

however… it causes a “This claim is out of sync with the blockchain” review prompt on the edit page of the claim page

to which i’d have to pay another gas fee to sync, to which i’ve done several times already

but is this sync necessary?

thank you

What is your claim page? Can you link it here?

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Also are you trying to have numbered or non numbered editions here?

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sorry for late reply. just got home from work.

this is one that has an out-of-sync prompt but shows on my end that credit card payments via crossmint is saved and verified

now that i’ve checked again… all of them are still showing the out-of-sync prompt for the ones i enabled crossmint for. i definitely paid gas fees for some of those out-of-sync prompts, before making this post

thank you for your reply. just got home from work.

yes all my claims have numbered editions :o

Ok, we’ve identified and corrected the issue, you shouldn’t see out of sync errors anymore. However, 3 claims are not numbered anymore. To fix this, you’ll need to go into the claim rules, check numbered and save to the chain.

The claims are:

You may want to double check your other active claims and make sure they’re numbered as well.

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Actually, please give us a minute. The data is still out of sync.

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Ok, it should be synced now, please check the claims indicated and number them if appropriate, thanks.

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sorry for late reply, i work late and was just able to get to my computer

yeah a few other ones needed their numbered parameter to be updated

but just for the future… in the docs it showed the crossmint toggle feature in the “drafting” stage of the open claim page process, but in actuality… there no longer is the ability to do this all at once when creating an open claim page

will this feature be coming back?

thank you for your time!

oh wait, i just made a new claim page and toggled on the crossmint option and it no longer requires a gas fee to update/sync

so will this be how it goes moving forward?

if so, then disregard the need to put it in the drafting-phase

thank you and your team so much!!!