Crossmint not available for ERC721

Hey Fam, I am having a issue with implementing credit card feature and just want to know why it says “Crossmint is not available for this claim.” Even though I thought ERC721 open editions were able to integrate this or is it cause it is on base chain.

gm! Can you take a screenshot of where you’re seeing this?

yes, here ya go

gm! Can you try to load that page again? Should be available

Works now

Thanks fam appreciate ya

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hey man! i went to check today and noticed that none of my available claims have the crossmint enabled. anything I should do?

Hmm, I expect this claim to be able to do crossmint. Will look into it today!

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Can you try now? this should be fixed

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yes, it’s available now - i’ve got a few claims available and all have the checkbox to enable crossmint.

thank you both!

Hey, I am having the same issue. Screenshot just shows “crossmint is not available for this claim” under my erc1155 open mint. Can anyone help me look into this?

no crossmint features available or any updates from manifold or team still