Crossmint X Base- Having trouble setting up credit payments


My contract on Base is finally verified by Crossmint and I am now trying to get the credit card payments set up on Manifold.

The Crossmint documentation seems to be outdated and the “Client ID” now seems to be either the “Project ID” or the “Collection ID”:

No matter which one I use, “Not Verified” is given on the Manifold side:

Does it have anything to do with the contract number? Manifold suggests that I use the contract address 0xd4bdfb755c2aef6db4412d1efc6803faeb3e6e97, but after days and days of trying to get this contract setup on Crossmint, a dev found another contract address for me that fixed the issue I was running into on Crossmint and enabled me to get through the rest of the verification process:

Is that what is causing my issue or does someone need to manually go through on the Manifold side and verify this?

Crossmint fixed it on their side and my collection verification is now tied to my contract on Base 0xd4bdfb755c2aef6db4412d1efc6803faeb3e6e97, but I am still receiving the Not Verified message.