CSV allowlist is acting wonky, users can't claim + Unexpected Failure to upload on new erc1155

Manifold Fam!

Having multiple claim issues for whitelisted addresses stating they have already claimed their tokens or have no tokens to claim - when both scenarios aren’t true. To test this, I updated my wallet to be able to claim 10 and I can only claim 1. The claim page is here: https://app.manifold.xyz/c/BORN-TO-MEME

I am also having issues uploading an mp4 file for a new mint. Screenshot attached below.

Contract address for both: 0x2DA827a0C6417Ee74253937F8565FE3DaD5Fb975

Thanks fam :pray:

I am having similar issues with my claim page. User’s on the allowlist are suddenly not able to claim because it says they already claimed (even though they did not), or the values are not matching up with the CSV (i put 7 but they can only claim 6). I have an ERC-1155 token claim page. I’m getting support tickets left and right about this, any fix for this?

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Thanks for the bump $ignore woo. I’m sure we’ll have an answer here soon.

I’m also going to ‘flip’ my erc1155 from free claim to having a reduced sale price for specific token holders - gated by csv ofc. Need to know it works before opening that can of worms!

The free claim is for 86 wallets. The sale price is for 312 :sweat_smile:

Hi guys, we are actively looking into this issue currently. In the mean time please do not update your claim with a different allowlist. Updaing claim with a different allowlist does not produce expected results currently


Thanks for the update! Will relay this info to my collectors. Looking forward to a solution. God speed and good luck team :saluting_face: :people_hugging:

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@Dr.Suss @woo Could you send us the link to the claim page and the csv of the allow list you used to studio@manifold.xyz ?

Will do. The claim is closed and i’m going to flip it to public free claim, 1 per wallet - gotta lift these vibes! But would still like to be able to claim my allotment at a later date for giveaways.

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Hi, is there any update on this? Already sent the allowlist and claim page link in the support ticket on discord :slight_smile:

I can also send the CSV and claim page link to that email if it’s needed.

Hey @woo !

Please do so we can give you an updated allow list that will fix the issue for you! :slight_smile:

Hi all, wanted to see if there was a definite fix for this? Running into similar problems with

Adding 4 white listed addresses originally. Those can still mint 1 token each.

Deleted the CSV and re-uploaded with rows appended (5 new, 9 total) and the int page still works for those originally added, does not work for the new addresses.

We were considering doing a partial drop this weekend with the full drop for all participants Jan 1st. This seems to be a little spotty in terms of supported execution tho?

CSV List: