Csv doesnt work

guys i finely figure out how to convert my files in csv,now it doesn’t work( i can not upload it

why? i am really very disappointed in your app after upgrade
Screenshot 2024-05-16 142914

Can you upload your CSV file here? Are you using any special characters in your metadata?

not sure,i am not a tech person.What i did was converting PNG to PDF then PDF to CSV

Hm wanted to upload the file here but isn’t showing while uploading ((

Ah, so the CSV should contain all the data for the NFTs, like name, description, image (PNG), etc

Did you try downloading the template? That might explain how it works.

This is an example of the template that you will download. In the image column, you can add a link to the image files stored on Google Drive(Remember to set the permissions to open). This allows our system to grab the files from Google Drive and do the upload for you.