Csv file for white list

Really can’t understand what’s wrong on csv file. Looks exactly the same as audience. Tried in many different ways but always some issue.

Thanks for help!

gm! Thanks for reaching out - What happens if you remove that address?

Is just the first address, when i remove it say the same thing for the second

Hi there Jay,

Based on the error in your second screenshot, it looks like your CSV file is using semicolons ( ; ) as a separator. Our app currently only supports the comma separator, hence the issue.

If you upload the CSV file, I can fix it for you. Out of curiosity, where did you get the CSV file from? Did you export it from Google Sheets as in your screenshot?


thanks a lot for your help jack, got the file from excel. Can’t upload the file mate, it say is not autorized. Can’t upload the file mate, send you goggle doc


@jack new error

Thanks for the link! I was able to reproduce this issue; apparently your CSV file has duplicate rows with the same address, for the following four addresses:

  • 0x46d69FCEadC981B28ba51c144D25E74A8cbdEFc6
  • 0xc420b3cdb16aeb04d19e005c56bfdde75d2002d1
  • 0xC38e07206018140040c940A8cb4102E76C23CB16
  • 0x44f9575f84c84E6C3e678E35f9a98f49a8657046

Each row has the value 3, but it’s unclear to me if you intend to sum the duplicates to 6 or just delete the duplicated rows. Either way, once you resolve those it should work fine.