Curate Page: pictures not visible + question

Hello :slight_smile:

Made a few tests and the pictures in the Curate Page don’t show up
The links in the Curate Page are all from Opensea NFTs
What could be the problem?

Also: how many NFTs is it possible to have in a Curate Page? Is there a limit?

gm! Can you link us to the curate page you’ve created? It might take some time or there maybe an issue with the format of the content. Can take a look.

As far as I know, we don’t have a limit but I’m not sure how many you’re thinking to list.

hi lyndo,

here the link:

Neither the pictures or text is loading for me

And when I click on “View on” it brings me to this address
where nothing is loading

Regarding the question about how many NFTs can be displayed in a Curate Page, I was thinking of 500 for example.
Is it too many or it could work?

thanks and keep up the good job!

gm! It looks like there was an issue with the UX that allowed creators to publish a Curate page without setting a slug - Is there a URL that you would prefer? It would look something like: