Curated page not updating info

I have a curated page with 3 editions. I raised the price for two of the editions and the actual mint page reflects this but the home page of the curated link does not. I deleted the to editions and readded the links and its still the same. It has been a few days since I updated price. Manifold

Thanks for the heads up. Will look into it!

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not sure if someone did something but its been updated now. Thanks

I updated prices again and let days go by and its still reflecting the old prices. I’m not sure if someone manually did something last time. If that was the case can the page be updated please. If there is some way for it to auto update that would be fantastic

What happens if you remove and re-add the pieces?

removed them. re added plus 1 extra. Showed old prices and didnt show the new piece. Waited several minutes. Shows the old prices but the new piece is added and 4 out of 5 have anon as the creator…

deleted and readded AGAIN and looks good now. Id like to submit feedback for an auto update of some sort and the ability to move around the order without deleting. Thanks

Is it just me or are the curated pages not updating for others? I have a new but related issue. I ended an open edition early and it still says its active. Echoes of the Past
I had to stop this OE because it was on wrong contract. I created a new one with the same image and info on the correct contract. The old one that is STILL active and shouldnt be still shows up on the curated page even though its been deleted

What happens if you remove the links and then re-add them?

I did that and its still messed up. The OE that I ended still shows and not only does it show but it still has a countdown timer even though I ended it in the past. The prices are correct which was my original issue. If this old OE goes away then itll be fine. I need to burn the OE so the fact that it shows is still active is this possible?