Curation Page Embedding as Widget Issue


I am having issues embedding the code blocks to display a curation page on my website. I have a Squarespace Premium Account. Attached are screenshots of the steps I took.

there is a bug in the setup instructions now (the wrong css/js is referenced). Fixing right now

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Also having this problem. I was trying out this feature and I’m not having any luck embedding a curation page either. I have tried a few different js/css versions of the connect library, including the 2.0.19 one that works for my embedded marketplace widgets on another page. Also tried the 2.2.0 version mentioned as the latest in the developer docs. The m-curation div does not get populated with my curated pieces.

Hi both, new updated instructions are on the share portal. Can you try the latest? the js/css and div has changed.


Hi Wilkins,

Thanks for looking into this. I injected the updated code, and the artwork appears, but the layout is the new issue. Is it possible to adjust so the artworks are displayed as 3 or 4 images in a row? Currently, the layout output is a single tall column. Attached is a screenshot. Thanks Again

Hi tina, can you confirm whether you included the CSS file as well in your site’s <head>?

I made a slight alteration that might resolve the issue. Please bump up the version number “0.0.1” to “0.0.2” per the codeblock below. I’d appreciate it if you can confirm whether the problem is resolved or not.


<script src=""></script>
<link ref="stylesheet" href="" />

Hi Takatalk

I revisited the process and injected the updated code again in the head and in the body and the layout is still appearing as a single tall column with all images stacked directly over one another. Here is another screenshot.

Screenshot 2023-01-25 at 9.49.17 AM

Hi again tina, I’d be happy to look into this in closer detail with you if you’re open to a zoom call.
Let me know in my DM. Thanks!

Hi Takatalk

Yes, that sounds great. I can zoom tomorrow between 3pm - 5pm ET. If those times don’t work, please share a few options as well. Thanks again for your help

There’s an error in the stylesheet line. Should be


and not


Wow. Typos that kill. Thanks for spotting lunarbunnies!

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Hi all, I’ve fixed the issue and also patched a couple of other bugs I spotted during. Please update to 0.0.3.

<script src=""></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="" />

I’m curious. Did this fix solve Tina’s problem that everything in Squarespace was appearing as a column?

Yes it did! Do you have any other issues/requests?


That’s wonderful. I had same issue a week or so ago. I will re-examine Squarespace.

I still have an open ticket - my claim page can not edited.


Thank you for your help Takatalk!