Curation project can't use the claim page

Hi, I am writing this topic as we are an art curation project named REVIVER, and we’d like to use Manifold features such as claim page to do LE mints of multiple artists for our holders.

Below is our official pages:

We found that we can’t deploy our original contract, so I’d like to ask if you could kindly add our contract to the mainnet on Manifold? So that we can mint the artists’ drops under our curation as individual claimable pieces and have a claim page set up by Wednesday!

gm! Are you trying to deploy on a Manifold contract or a non-Manifold contract? If it’s the latter, this isn’t supported.

We use manifold contract to mint all tokens and sold them on Opensea first. Then we’d like to use this contract to mint more tokens and use claim page, but it seems like become another contract address on mainnet on Manifold

Sorry I’m confused - You’ve deployed a contract with Manifold and you’re looking to create a claim page with that contract and the contract disappeared?