Custom automated auctions & extending Gallery listing duration

Hi guys, I am trying to do a 7 day long auction that starts at the same time every Sunday and automatically starts a new 7 day auction after that one ends. Is it possible? Any help would be much appreciated. Working on something pretty special for the community.

Gm! Can you explain the mechanics a bit further? So you’re looking to list a single piece for sale once a week? This is possible with our Gallery tool. You can just create a listing every Sunday before the previous one closes.

GM lyndo,
I would like to have a single peace of art, that auctions off every week without me having to manually start a new one. More importantly (if I had to do it manually) I would like the art to be token 1, toke, 2, token, 3 as the auctions progress and they are all under one collection. Similar to something like nouns DAO. And Gallery allows 7 day auctions? not just 24 hours? Thanks for all your help.

Got it - Gallery allows you to set whatever time frame you’d like.

For the automated auctions, are these tokens that have already been minted? Or will you be minting one at a time? Currently our tools don’t support this kind of automated functionality but possible through coding your own extension.

Great, the time frame is helpful.

Tokens are not minted yet. I will be minting for every auction. If I do this manually is it possible to mint a new token each auction that goes to the same collection?

I’ll take a look at the extension if not.

Thank you!

If you mint all the tokens on the same contract it will appear as the same collection on platforms like Opensea.

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