Custom claim allowlist rule not being enforced

Hi, I tried to update the allowlist on my erc1155 claim page. I removed the old list of addresses and uploaded a new one but once I did that, the rule no longer worked and allowed anyone to claim unlimited tokens (I wanted only allowlisted people to be able to claim only 1.)

Has anyone else had this problem? I tried searching the forum and found some posts alluding to a similar problem back in nov/dec so I’m wondering if there is a fix for this? I kept updating the claim on chain but nothing has worked and I’m afraid to keep wasting gas so I just ended the claim for now. If anyone has ideas, please let me know. thanks!

Do you mind sharing the claim page? We can take a look and see what’s up.

yes, it’s here: Very Internet Poster #1

currently set to claim ended. if i turn it on and set the claim rule to “anyone”, i can limit to 1 each. but if i set it to custom, it says ~900 tokens reserved but i tested with an unlisted wallet and it could mint and there was no mint limit

thanks! :black_heart:

We found and fixed the issue! You can now go and re-establish your custom audience (allowlist) and save. Once the transaction is complete you should be good to go!


thanks! if i update the allowlist again now or in the future, will the issue happen again? just want to make sure before i do anything :sweat_smile: