Custom CSV upload error "No audience selected" (Not reading csv file)

I’m working on a new claim page, I have done many of these already, and I’m using a good CSV file with addresses. It seems to upload the file, but it doesn’t read any address and shows "No audience selected

Could be a js issue. The upload button disappears at times when uploading, this msg shows in the console:
“Error: No audience id provided”

Same problem here and noone communicate about thé problem or help.merry xmas🙂

had this issue a little earlier but seems to be working for me now

Hi everyone!

There was an issue with audience selection. The issue should be resolved now. Please let us know if you encounter this again!

Hey, I am facing the same issue when trying to upload a custom csv for audience. It says “no audience selected” even when I upload the valid csv file.