Custom CSV Upload 'Unexpected Error Occurred'

I have had no success getting the .CSV files to upload correctly, and I am not sure what I am getting wrong.
I ripped the CSV they us as an example in the support guide, and then added my own addresses to it after removing the example ones, and I continue to get the same error.

Anyone have any ideas? I feel like I am not compiling the information correctly in the .CSV, but I don’t know what I am missing.

Are you able to share your CSV?

Happy to share, but I cannot upload a CSV on the forum, at least the file attatchment isn’t letting me.

Can you upload it somewhere and share the link?

Here you go: Dropbox - Untitled spreadsheet - Sheet1 (4).csv - Simplify your life

It’s a good news bad news kind of thing. I am no longer getting an error, but it’s saying that the ‘Request Entry Too Large’ is there any way I can get around this? I need to allow this token to be claimable by all of these holders.

Nevermind, I figured it out.

Never figured out why I got that error, but it started working.

I had to adjust the amount of tokens claimable - made it so every address is eligible for 1, and then the CSV uploaded with a breeze.

I am getting an error in attempts to upload a csv (same one as I have used previously).

“No route found for POST /app/audience” in red pops up.

Yes, I’m getting the same “No route found for POST /app/audience” error. Any help would be greatly appreciate!

Commenting to say I have the same issue!

same issue. please someone from the team respond.

looking into it, hang tight.

This is now fixed. Apologies, was an issue on our side. Give it another shot.

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Have the same problem

Fixed, give it another go.

We just fixed some csv upload issues, so you shouldn’t run into this again. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.