Custom Metadata Edition - Stuck uploading to Arweave

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I have a problem uploading 100 Custom metadata token.
Can I have support?
@eferrariph on twitter

When I upload xls it doesn’t show me any preview… and once I upload files… it stays like that for hours…

Thanks for letting us know. Is this still happening, it can take some time to upload many files to Arweave - While we investigate, can you send us the following information?:

  1. You wallet address used to log into studio
  2. The Claim link - We’ll also need the instanceID on the bottom left corner of your claim page when you are logged into Manifold Studio
  3. The csv you are using to upload these files.
  4. Console logs - Instructions here
  5. What browser are you using?

It’s just a test. on the 28th i want to launch a collection of 100 and i was studying the mechanism. i used a secondary wallet. How do I make sure everything works perfectly?

2. The Night

5. Chrome on OSX

i wanna be sure on 28 it will work fine…

my wallet for 28 is emanueleferrari.eth

how long… i waited 2 hours…

now CSV is ok… but this… how many time I have to wait?

Hi. Can you try again? There may have been an issue previously.

I’m currently having the same issue as this, is there a problem I can check/fix, or is it a general issue? Thanks

Thanks for reaching out! Can look into this - The previous issue should have been resolved. Can you take a screenshot of your console here?

Also please provide your CSV. Your previous CSV was incorrect and had invalid url’s in the animation_url column. If you have no animation, leave it blank.

Thank you, all uploaded now! Was it because the animation column was blank?

I believe you had a value “X” which wasn’t a valid url. A blank field would have worked

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