Customize ERC721 Metadata issue - Tokens not showing up


I am trying to figure out what I might be doing wrong with metadata updates
Created sample CSV, opened it on Mac (opens as numbers), Exporting it after filling out (with Google Drive links with global access). When I try to upload it, it says that CSV was uploaded, but for some reason there are no tokens showing up in the list. Just empty

Thanks for help

Tried also without Animation column, everything
Checked CSV file in text edit as well

I do not see what the issue is!
Either it is technical on your end or I have missed something, but I have done everything according to the docs, but maybe there is some formatting issue that I simply do not know about (then again in past with AllowList CSVs did not have any issues).
Links are publicly available (shared them on X, people can access and see files)

Just to add, this is what I see when I try to upload the above mentioned metadata file.
The same result in Mac Chrome, Mac Brave, Mac Safari

Really dying here for some answers to understand what is the issue

Relates to this claim page: Chromatic Constructs (Pre-Reveal)
Claim is over and I just want each piece to be unique

Thanks for letting us know - We’re investigating this issue. Can you send me an email to with the following information?

  1. Wallet address used to log into studio
  2. The Claim link and the instanceID on the bottom left corner of your claim page when you are logged into Manifold Studio
  3. The Csv you are using to upload these files.
  4. Console logs - Instructions here
  5. What browser are you using?

E-Mail sent over!
If there is something else, let me know
I almost feel like I needed to post video of errors popping in non-stop…

Perfect! Can you take a video of the errors popping up as well? Would be helpful to see this too
50MB file, so I uploaded to Drive and you can find it here

Seems that it got fixed and I am waiting of thumbnails to update

If I may as follow-up

Media ID #1 would mean that it would be Token ID #1, correct?

If this is on a new contract that’s correct - Because a contract can have existing tokens on it, it wouldn’t replace an existing tokenID 1, it’s just the next one that follows.

Can you please tell me how you generated this csv with individual urls in it for each file in your drive?

I am using this tutorial from the docs, but it is incomplete, and does not guide me through the process of actually generating the media urls for the template CSV.

Thank you so much.