Customm reveal CSV no accepted

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    I am trying to upload a custom reveal CSV and it won’t work. I download the template, and it is not accepted for some reason. This is for an ERC-721 contract. However it worked on testnet like 2 days ago.

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    Custom reveal

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As the error states, one of the items is missing an image or animation link.

Thank you for your fast reply. I did this on testnet, downloaded the csv template, changed only the title of each item, uploaded the csv without an issue and then uploaded my files in my claim page edit section in Manifold. I followed the exact same steps now and it does not replicate. So when id did it on testnet, I had no links in the csv either.

here is the CSV I uploaded on testnet. it has no image or animation link added to it, only name, description and created by. This CSV worked with no issues on testnet