Data migration - new contracts

I noticed a huge new update lately!

Is there a status on when the data migration will be complete and how workspaces work

Specifically, I cannot find my drafts and I don’t seem to be able to make new contracts - are workspaces and contracts now grouped in some manner I am now following?


gm! Thanks for reaching out! Right now your claims should be migrated and the rest of the instances will follow.

For the Workspaces - Basically it’s Mainnet/Testnet but we’ll have more updates on this feature. The testnet workspace will allow you test features end to end on Sepolia.

Right now contract deployment will happen throughout the create flow. ie - When minting a 1/1 or a claim, you will be able to select existing contracts/create new ones.

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OK, awesome, thank you. I will give it another look and let you know if I have any more questions!

Having trouble navigating the new system.

I’m not sure I am following where to create a contract in the new interface?

Is it buried somewhere? I only can see existing ones!

Basically I am trying to mint a small on-chain series of 32 works on Base via efficax but I am struggling to find my draft contract or create a new one.

You cannot create contracts “directly” in a sense anymore. I would suggest you click “Create New”, select 1 of 1. Upload some test/fake image. Click “Create Contract” and then do the transactions. I would accept the transaction to deploy the contract, but reject the one that mints the token.

Hope this helps!

Thanks yungwknd, I will give it a spin and see what happens <3