Delegation does not work on Manifold Claim page

Is anyone else having issues with delegation? I tried using my own hot wallet which is set up at the wallet level and the delegation toggle option does not show up on the claim page. Other ppl have experienced the same thing. What is the issue?

Can you post your main and delegation address so we can investigate?

Ah, unfortunately we only support v1 right now. We need to push out v2 support. If you set delegation on the v1 contract, it will work, otherwise, you’ll have to wait for v2.

How do we use V1? Everyone is currently setting up delegation the same way right now. This seems pretty important to have

When you say “set up”, you mean as the person that owns a toke or the person setting up a claim.

If you own the token you can still use the v1 contract via the “delegateForAll” function.

The website has been updated to use v2, which was launched a little over 10 days ago. We will be rolling out support for v2 soon, but only new claims will be able to use v2 once it’s released.

When I say set up, I am referring to the person. How would our buyers set up delegation on V1? I think this information would be important to add to the Manifold Docs under delegation. A lot of people don’t know about this. I had a lot of ppl messaging me about this issue.

Okay thank you for letting me know

Ah. Got it. Will add some docs about this and sorry for the confusion. V2 was just very recently rolled out so by so please bear with us.

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Oh. Apparently there’s a version switcher in the modal on! Just choose v1.

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I added some docs, hopefully this unblocks your buyers

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Thanks sm Wilkins! I appreciate you for doing this so quickly for our buyers.