Delete Smart Contract From Manifold Studio

How can I remove this ERC721 smart contract on Goerli TestNet from showing up in my account?

I realised that I couldn’t do a bulk upload of csv meta into my NFT sets.

0x255ed409a164fc9a22b3a00f180b7968732d1ef8 (

To delete your contract just click into the contract and head to the settings tab and you’ll see the following:

How many tokens were you looking to do with the bulk upload tool?

36 Tokens.

This is a small collection i was just using to trial.

However, if I launch actual revenue collections, we could be talking up to 636 NFTs in 1 collection.

Unlike OpenSea, I noticed that Manifold’s Smart Contract is token-centric. There is actually a token named after my Collection:

Alstom Metropolis C851E (North East Line) (C851ENEL) Token Tracker | Etherscan

What is the difference between token smart contract and the normal smart contract?

Ok found it. I had to switch the Network back to Mainnet and I could get the screen you provided.

However, I can still see the Smart Contract on Etherscan and OpenSea as empty Collection.
C851ENEL | Address 0x255ed409a164fc9a22b3a00f180b7968732d1ef8 | Etherscan

What can I do?

Ah got it - When you deploy a contract whether it’s on Mainnet or on Testnet, that contract is permanently written to the blockchain. It’s the reason we have the Testnet in the first place to test things out.

As far as the custom metadata we have a tool for claims which might help if you’re looking to upload a large amount of files with metadata:

Is Claims the rival equivalent of OpenSea Drops?

Any difference in gas fees?

What if within a collection, I add more NFTs in future timing? Can i do this in a Smart Contract?

My NFT use-case is to capture Metro Trains. However, some of the metro trains are in future batches that are only entering service in several years time. But, I have existing 1st half of the fleet already photographed for NFT.

How should I position my Smart Contract / Collection to future-proof scalability?