Deleting Minted Token from ERC 1155

I got confused from the UX. It used to be you created a token and then created a claim page separately from what I can remember unless I am mistaken.

Now claims are united with the token?

So in my editions, I have a rogue token I have minted that shouldn’t be there now.

I sent it to the burn address but it still appears in the collection.

Any suggestions on how to clean up the contract to hide an edition I don’t want visible in the collection?


gm - Sounds like you’ve minted a token instead of deploying a mint page? I see that the token has been transferred to the NullAddress. Different platforms will display burned tokens differently, in the case of OS you can request that they hide the token by filing a support ticket with them.

Ah, you must be right. I somehow was mistaken and created the wrong thing. Thanks, I will report to OpenSea and see what they say!