Deployed copy of Studio Contract is not recognized in studio

I have deployed a copy of studio contract directly to the blockchain. Without the studio.

This is the copy address:

The contract was compiled from the studio contract sources which I took from etherscan. So it is a duplicate of the original proxy contract. The contract was compiled in hardhat.

I am able to mint tokens. For example there is a token from this copy:

But it’s not shown in the studio. I cannot see it in my contracts list. I cannot mint a new token from the studio.

The collection is not shown on I thought it will automatically recognize the contract but it seems like the integration with is made off-chain.

Is it possible to import the manually deployed contract to the manifold studio? The same way like it was deployed from the studio originally. The main reason to do that is to show the contract on

Any reason you went this route rather than deploying via studio?

We may be able to help here if you create a draft contract with the same ascii, and we might be able to inject the existing contract that way.

Thanks for the answer!

Any reason you went this route

We are building a custom UI for artists to publish contracts and mint tokens. The manifold contract is great with a lot of possibilities so it would be awesome if artists will be able to keep Manifold Studio functionality as well.

The question is not about this particular contract but about adding new contracts to Studio in general. Are you able to help with this contract or there is a way for many contracts to do that?

I really appreciate your help!

There’s a whole bunch of registration points within Studio itself, so we often recommend deploying the contract from Studio and then using the existing deployment to build UI’s on on-top of it.

Would love to learn more about the custom UI that you are creating. We didn’t anticipate others wanting to deploy contracts outside of Studio and having them imported so would love to learn more about the use case.

Our use case stems from the fact that some of our users (artists) are totally new to blockchain. They don’t even understand the concept of a wallet so easily. Introducing MetaMask or WalletConnect, switching between chains, seed phrases, etc. is too early for them.

So what we do:

  • we onboard an artist with a simple Web 2.0 account, but behind the scenes we use a wallet as a service provider. They have the wallet id for the future.
  • The artist then has to deploy a collection, because the creator MUST be the artist’s wallet
  • The artist then gives admin rights to a trusted publisher, who takes care of minting

With the above points, you can see that Manifold Studio will be used by the publishers. The artists will have a very “light” version to deploy a contract.

Adding the collection as “inventory” isn’t really what we need, we really need that our proxy contracts are treated in the same way as if they were created by Manifold Studio. In fact they are deployed exactly like Manifold Studio does, but we don’t have a way to inform your systems about this fact.

Somehow marking it in the Ascii art could be that signal, but it should be trivial to check if the proxy contract is built on Manifold Creator contract, no? And then you would just treat it as your own.

Do you see it possible? Maybe you have some hidden “headless” Manifold Studio API, so that we could build that “light” UX for the artists?

Any feedback would be appreaciated

Hi there, can we do something about it? I’d really appreciate that we resolve this.