Deployed ERC1155 contract on Mainnet but failed verification, now stuck

Hi, I just deployed an ERC-1155 contract to the mainnet but it failed during verification process with the following message:

It’s taking longer than normal to verify your contract deployment. Please check back again soon. If the problem persists, please report this problem on our forum at

TransactionID is 0x5950595d98f4afb7880984fac1560ce62fb7dec845c835c113b1de97423c9018

And I can see the contract on etherscan:

Can team please help me out?

Thanks so much!

What do you see in studio right now? Please give it some more time, etherscan may be a bit slow. I’ll check in again tomorrow.

It works now but I created an open edition claim page but none of the images are showing… Air element (

What do you mean that ‘none of the images are showing’? The NFT seems to show properly on OpenSea.