Deploying Creator Contract outside Studio

Hi everyone!
I couldn’t find an instruction on how to deploy Manifol Creator contracts outside the Studio.
My usecase is that I want to deploy ERC721 for users from my own factory contract. Because ERC721 contract creation is not the only thing that should happen during one transaction, it also includes custom logic specific to my service
Is there a way?
I looked through the transaction that happen when I create contract from studio, but in involves using contracts that are not even present in Manifold github for solidity contracts. E.g contract ERC721Creator is Proxy

I’ve tried to deploy contract just like it happens when using studio. Copied contracts and dependencies from verified Etherscan contract deployed from Studio. The problem is that this contract (ERC721) didn’t appear in the Studio dashboard

Studio dashboard will show contracts deployed with Studio!

If you are helping users deploy the same code using your service, you will likely want to build your own dashboard for them!