Deploying Goerli Testnet Contracts & Tokens

With high Goerli gas costs and limited access to faucets, we recognize it maybe difficult for creators to test things out on the testnet. For creators entering this space, this isn’t expected behavior. In the meantime, we’ll be looking into other testnets to support. Will keep everyone posted.


hey lyndo! are there any alternative workarounds for acquiring sufficient amounts of goerli tokens in the meantime? the faucet is not giving me enough and i’d like to test things out on testnet today. thanks!


thanks a lot! eagerly awaiting alternatives or ways to acquire Goerli to mint a new series soon as possible!

We’re working on it! Sent some Goerli over

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thanks for hooking us all up while things are in this awkward in-between period Lyndo.

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are you able to send some my way as well? thanks!