Description for Token on Claim Page did not upload the information i entered

Hello Manifold community / Devs!

Today I minted my 4th music NFT out of 12 for this whole year (1 per month). When I minted my token, I had copy/pasted the description from my other token which mentioned it was song “2 of 12”. I simply changed the ‘2’ to a ‘4’ for this description. However, once the token was minted, it remained that the piece was song 2 of 12. Now, i am trying to avoid having to pay additional gas in order to edit and save a new description, without knowing if it will work for sure. Let me know what I can do. Thank you for your time and platform!

Can you send the links to the token and the metadata? I’m a little confused what you’re looking to update etc.

Here is the claim page:

Not sure where the link to the metadata is located. Let me know if you need more information!
Thank you.

Hey there, please let me know if there is any more information i can provide for you! I actually tried paying gas to edit my token description, and also payed gas to sync my token to the blockchain. Neither worked, my claim page for the token still says “song 2 of 12” instead of “4 of 12” even though i have only submitted “song 4 of 12”. Token page is in the link i provided above.

Hmmm - Please keep in mind there is a difference between the token description and the claim page token. The token description is the metadata itself, versus the claim page description which is for the mint page. I think that might be where you’re getting confused.

Ah i see. So is there any way to alter the description that appears on the claim page token (the page i linked yesterday) ? If so, what step(s) should i take? thanks for your time!

When you click on the claim you’ll see a navigation menu to the left, there you’ll see the ability to change the rules/description and metadata for the token itself