Did my NFT get stolen via warpcast app?



I’m concerned I may have been hacked I made the nft & the contract …idk what I did wrong. … but I don’t see it / have no control over it and people are minting it…

Contract # : 0xdd28e88c314363f5d433a7dcc3d8f3885161f491

What did I do wrong??

Hey there @LoanButter,

I’m looking into your account right now. Can you please confirm the wallet address of your Manifold Studio account?


I accidentally sent you a bitcoin address. First this one is correct.

I noticed a very strange address as one of my first transactions long time ago, which I thought was really really weird

Thank you for confirming!

It does not appear that you did anything wrong. I see the contract itself in your inventory, with the title “Alien Reptilian Structures in Florida”, and with a single token appearing, with multiple editions minted.

Inventory data can be up to 4 hours out-of-date, is it possible that’s what you’re experiencing? It will eventually be accurate, look tomorrow and see if it’s capturing more activity as time goes on.

No I had I had no idea it took 4 hours at times!

Also I’m doing this all from a cell phone.

Do the farcaster frame links go dead after 24 hours? There is a note that suggests they do.

I wanted to do a freer mint this for 30 days due to the content.
Did you watch the video / get a copy?

I do have one another question. Why would I be seeing repeating time patterns for my current NFT? This doesn’t seem normal to me. Can you explain why there are transactions that come through at a consistent time for example, everyone will be 37 seconds past the minute And every Four or five minutes there is another mint it looks like a batch I don’t know much about the stuff

Also thank you so much for helping me/answering my questions I appreciate it.

Hey there - so all Frame Mints created with the first version of the app are 24 hour open editions; collectors receive their NFTs on a regular interval, minted by Manifold (we pay for your gas!) along with editions created by all other creators.

Think of it as a regularly scheduled mail route, with postage paid by Manifold.


Oh that is an awesome way of doing it! Thanks so much for clarifying. I’ve been trying to take a look at the app to see how it works for a while but it’s been down

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we’re back up: Warpcast

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Something went wrong. My entire FT 200 mints, minted in one or two minutes and I found dresses with multiple copies of the NFT in there wallet or whatever. Somehow the text got changed by somebody or something in my notepad and I did not notice it, I don’t know if when I posted The bad link to Warpcast if that somehow triggered something?

Could use some help for sure I paid over $40 to do this and I absolutely got gypped. In addition, I already did another 200 earlier and I can only assume I got done on that one as well.

I only do copy and paste for links, so I don’t know if this is the work of a three letter agency or what but I’m hoping between manifold and overcast. I can get at least some information because this is bull crap that I paid money for this and had no control over the NFT whatsoever within a minute or two It minted out.