Different gas fees minting the first token vs the second

Hi, can you please let me know why gas fees are double for the first mint? I have checked several times throughout the day to accomodate gas fees fluctuation but the fees for the first mint were always higher than for the second mint.

  1. https://etherscan.io/tx/0x2117807a4bf65de141b172a706ed1edd796f5d8e548ca904e918702aafbd5a30

  2. https://etherscan.io/tx/0xd648c840288fcd46dbf3f0751a5ad23a52b83b0b34a978165f058da03b9fdbb6

Thank you.

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gm loneleystar,

The way to think about its not what time of day and what the gas price is but many gas units does it take to mint. If you look at the two transactions you’ve provided minting a new token for the first time costs 239,514 gas units, while minting an existing token costs 132,688 gas units. So why the difference when you are minting a token for the very first time more data needs to be written to the blockchain vs updating data when you are minting an existing token.

To see this difference you can use a gas profile to see where the allocation of gas units are

For minting a new token:

vs minting an existing token:


Thank you very much for this clear explanation. Good to know for any future mints.

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