Different mint prices showing after purchases

Hello everybody, I’m running a collection composed of some ERC1155 editions (5 until now).
The first two dropped at 0.005 and the price is correctly showing up on OpenSea and Etherscan.
The last 3 editions, instead, priced 0.005 - 0.005 and 0.0069, are showing up a different price when purchased, they show +0.0005 each (0.0055 - 0.0055 and 0.0074).
Is this a known bug/glitch? Sorry but this is the first time using Manifold and just came up to me…
Thanks to anyone helping!

Gm! Are you referring to the developer(Manifold) mint fee? This was implemented a month ago. Our post about this:

Oh yes that’s definitely that.
Sorry, I missed that announcement, now it’s all clear!
It must have started after my first two mints, that explain everything!
Thanks for clearing that up!