Discount not applying when using merch bridge

Hi everyone, we have a tokengate for our fans to receive physical copies of our DJ Pepe record. For some reason, the discount says its applying, but when you are checking out, it doubles the amount! please help!

We’ll take a look. Did you add this as code to your custom theme or did you use the templates provided?

Ok, I just tested, it is working. So here’s what the issue is:
#1. You should remove the ‘Add to Cart’ button on the product page. Our shopify widget takes over the ‘Add to Cart’. When you click ‘Apply Discount’, it will add it to your cart automatically. If you use the default ‘Add to Cart’, no discounts will be applied.
#2. You can see this in your cart. One item has NFT information attached, one doesn’t.
#3. You have not implemented the checkout widgets. If you did, you would see ‘Checkout with NFTs’. The discount will NOT show up until you click ‘Checkout with NFTs’ (as noted in the second screenshot, the Discount is applied at checkout)
#4. You have a custom cart icon, you will need to put the appropriate hooks so it updates with the right cart counter after ‘Apply Discount’ is clicked, as per:

Wow, thank you so much for your time and energy! This makes so much sense, I will attempt to fix today. You are awesome! We will gift you our next drop! send to wilkins.eth ?