Do I need to pay for a new Royalty gas on OpenSea, after implementing the filter in the contract?

GM, friends! I hope everyone is well. I have read the documents on Manifold’s website, but I am still in doubt:

My piece is in the Manifold Gallery, but I went to take a look at the other platforms to see how they are presented. I was amazed when I saw on OpenSea that my Royalties are 0% and when I try to modify them I end up having to pay a new gas, but I already paid when I implemented the filter in my contract and this is not worth it. However, I can see the Royalties that I have implemented in my contract on when I put in my contract address (it is linked to my wallet address).
I see some creators, such as works after the beginning of January 2023, in OS that have MF contract and with royalties set in OS, does this mean that these people have paid the gas through the contract filter and the gas in OS?

Try checking your collection settings on OpenSea.

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GM friend! It is precisely there, when I change my percetual they ask me to sign a gas because my contract is after January 2023.

I have the same problem and was going to post about this myself. Are you saying that we have to go to every single marketplace and register how much are royalties are? That can’t be right

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If I understand correctly what I read, this applies exclusively to OpenSea. The other markets respect the Royalty defined in the contract. I wrote to OS, when they reply I’ll post it here.

Yes but it’s odd because we are using a specific thing in the contract for open sea that we opted in on and shouldn’t that be telling them.

It’s really kind of unbelievable that they tried to spin it how they were helping all the creators and now even after I opt in they still don’t show any percentage of royalty for me

But I do see in the back end of manifold under settings and then Open Sea royalties It does mention that you may want to double check your royalty settings on OpenC

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It’s complicated, boring, irritating, but… there will always be those kinds of things and we have to work around them. I’ve complained a lot here at home, but today I woke up ready to solve it. I’ll come back later, when I have news.

Yea I just set mine today, so whatever :wink:

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