Do NFT videos automatically loop?

Hello community!

I’m new here and deep diving into all things contract and token creation. Loving the platform and other artists works I’ve been seeing on here!

Curious if anyone can tell me if I upload a video (.mp4) of my artwork animated, will it automatically loop or does it end and have to be clicked to start again? I’m hoping to have it looping infinitely but without having to convert it to a gif as the resolution drops immensely.

thanks for your time and guidance,


Well, I got impatient and minted my token and answered my own question.

For anyone else wondering, it does repeat once minted so make sure your video overlaps seamless for the most professional display for your collectors.


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Thank you for doing this!! Let us know if you have any questions.

Thanks for posting this Nexaurum. I’ve been wondering the same thing. Can you post a link to your page?

Hey redline, glad to help.

Here’s the link to my page: Cosmic Circuitry: A Teotihuacan Odyssey

Just in the process of deploying to the manifold gallery next.

I’d like to see what you’re cooking to if you have link.


Artwork is absolutely stunning. Really mesmerizing.

Some feedback, with no disrespect:

I was able to load gif in Safari, but it did not play. This is why I was able to admire your art.
I copied the link into Firefox, but the image did not load. It was grayed out.

I’m happy to test further if you are experiencing issues.

Fight on!

Hey redline,
Thanks so much for the feedback. I really appreciate it. I too had no luck loading in firefox. It works in all other browsers on android that I could test. Firefox is the mystery. Argh! Not sure if there’s a remedy.

Feel free to check out the process of my phygital nft to see how the original was made here: Cosmic Circuitry: A Teotihuacan Odyssey - EXHALE ART GALLERY

Also, I’m giving out 1 Eth to anyone that helps find a buyer for this piece.

Do you have a link I can check out your work as well? Would love to connect with other artists in this space.


I think to maximize your changes of selling, you must get this working on Apple. I have experienced a similar problem with an NFT that was over 200MB–it eventually loaded but too slowly.

Here is my thought process: you are really selling the Physical Artwork with the NFT as a bonus.

Why don’t you make an experiment on Manifold and try reuploading the media file as below.
a. output the .mov as a GIF It will be smaller and faster to load.
b. OR cut the size of the NFT to under 200MB (I am guessing it is larger than this) leaving it as a .mov and see if it loads. Do you perceive a noticeable difference online?

My guess is that you have a loading issue. Let me know how it goes.

Right now the video I uploaded is 12.82 mb so it shouldn’t have any lag at all. I made a point of getting it super small for quick play. When I convert it to a .gif the movement is blurry and not appropriate. I’ve tried to smooth it out on compresionless software but it’s still glitchy.

I do have an updated video that I was thinking would be better as it starts with the current uploaded one you’ve seen but fades into shots panning over the artwork itself to show real shots of the physical piece. This file is 55 mb however and after your suggestion here, I’m wondering if I should even bother as it’ll cost gas fees each time I make a change.

What are your thoughts?

I wouldn’t try the updated video as it is larger.

Post a ticket for Manifold and tell them you the token will not play on iOS of MacOS. Perhaps they have a suggestion.

Don’t quit!

Okay, I’ll post a ticket. Before I do, can you confirm that you are using iOS? And is it just in Firefox you noticed the issue? Or another browser? When I go to the link in other browser on Windows and Android it works fine. Only Firefox I have the issue.

I won’t quit!

I am using iOS and MacOS

Issue appeared in both Safari and Firefox.

Okay, thanks so much for the feedback and your time friend.

I’ll post a ticket.


Hello friend,

I hope you’re doing well. Curious if you wouldn’t mind checking my link in your Safari and Firefox now? I’ve ended up just uploading a .png as it was taking too long to figure out the video issues vs marketing and selling the piece.

Hoping it’s now visible on iOS and MacOS

Here’s the link so you don’t have to search:


Apologies for the long wait. I know you are actively working on this.

The gallery page opens on MacOS (tried Safari, Firefox and Chrome), but no play button appears.

On iOS I opened in Safari and there was the same behavior --NO PLAY BUTTON.

What the lkw238??$ ??

Tell me, when someone you know opens it on Android is there a Play button across the artwork?

Don’t know why.

Hey redline,

Thanks so much for checking and confirming it all appears. I actually just uploaded a static image as I couldn’t wait to figure out the video any longer. Time is money, kek.

I’ve just made the website the link in the token directs to more complete. I’ll work on the video aspects for token upload on the next piece.


Ah, well I feel better now. Thanks for letting me know.

I copied this link out of the meta and it plays in YouTube on Firefox.

I then copied this link from meta

which opened to a nice gallery, but it did not play.

Hey redline,

Thanks so much for the follow-up and test. I truly appreciate these extra checks too!