Does Manifold take a %? Is there a way to start and stop a claim?

Hello. I’m really new to manifold. Never used it.
I’ll like to launch a couple collections on your platform. I want to ask the following questions;

  • When I have a paid mint, do I get 100% of funds generated or there’s a % for mainifold?
  • When I create the contract and set up claim page, is there a way to pause and resume mint?

I’ll update when I have more questions. Someone please help.

  1. Manifold does not take a %
  2. You have the ability to change and edit the dates of the claim after it’s been deployed.

@lyndo re Q2:
so if I want to effectively have 2 claim periods—an allowlisted discounted pre-sale lasting 48 hours + then immediately switch to an open public sale lasting 2 weeks—should I
a) set the end date to 48 hours after the start date then manually edit mint eligibility and enter a new end date,
b) set the end date to 16 days after the start date, and edit mint eligibility after 48 hours?

Or does it not matter?