Drafts have not migrated

I had about 60 tokens drafted up with custom metadata that still have not migrated, is anyone facing this issue as well? I spent about 8 hours creating them would hate to do that over again. Using brave browser x metamask extension. Thanks fam

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Yeah, and I don’t even know if I actually have anything saved (is it travelling somewhere in migration?). Website twice has crashed or logged me out while saving the token drafts, now my “saved draft” is just an empty nothing. For 2 days been trying to mint to Testnet, but this failing save thing is preventing it. Am I missing something here? Is there a way to bypass “saving” and let us simply mint to testnet like previously?

Bumping in case the team did not see this — is there any plan to migrate drafts or are they gone forever?

This is a separate issue. Please open another post with a bug report with the requested details for a bug report.

Drafts weren’t intended to be migrated but we can investigate this for you. Was this 60 individual tokens or a batch? i.e. was it 60 drafts or one draft with 60 tokens?

Was there a common name of the items?

Hey there thanks for the reply. So these were single tokens drafted up to be added to my “Dreaming In Film” ERC 721 collection on Base. I believe they were token editions #61 - #115.

Nomenclature examples as follows:
Dreaming In Film #62 “Source Energy”
Dreaming In Film #87 “Ronda”

Thats tough the drafts were never intended to be migrated… I made these drafts just days before the “scheduled maintenance” but I never saw anything warning against making drafts… if you could dig these up would legit save me 2-3 days in data entry and writing. Would really appreciate it. Thank you!!


Good news, all your drafts are now migrated on the “Dreaming In Film” ERC 721 collection on Base. Please let me know if you need something else!


Just seen them – thank you so much! You really saved me so much time I greatly appreciate it.

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