Duplicate Claim bug

Hello, I absolutely love the idea of a “duplicate claim” feature, but it’s not working yet. Here’s what happens when I use it:

Let’s say I want to duplicate my “Claim A” claim page, which is live. I use the “duplicate claim” function to do it. I then see a new draft “Claim A.” If I go into this draft and start changing it, the changes I make reflect on the live Claim A page. If I then navigate to my live Claim A page, I see a warning that my live Claim A page is out of sync with the blockchain.

What I would expect to see is that the changes I make to my draft do not reflect on my live Claim A page, but only on my draft.

Hi! Can you click Review where it gives you the out of sync warning and let us know what it says?

At the moment everything seems to be broken; I can’t even access my claim pages. Is this connected with AWS being down?

Yes, AWS is experiences outages now which affect our claim pages. Please refer to this post for further updates.