Dynamic NFTs for Edition using ERC721

Hello, i have planning to photograpy edition using ERC721 and planning to update the image every week for 1 year, the question is :

  1. If i want to change the meta data image on NFT edition using ERC721, will it automaticaly change every token that exiting? or i need to change it one by one?

  2. Can i keep changing the picture metadata every week using these feature Dynamic NFTs | Manifold Studio | Manifold Docs

How about Rice, I don’t know much, I’m learning/experimenting on my own trial/error. If you have the html and files at hand, on your server for example, you can update whenever you want without having to touch the contract.

I do not control more html than necessary to see where things are, I have seen that what you want to do can be done with a couple of lines indicating day / time and the file that is due on that day … I would say that you do it from there simplente in HTML, to look for those lines of code, I am almost sure that chat GPT makes them to you in 5 seconds.