Dynamic numbering for 721 tokens? Burn Redeem between 1155 & 721

First off, thank you for updating the UI to include burn redeems between 155 & 721.

Would it be possible to have dynamic numbering occur? Where, in the use case that I seek, the token ID number of the minted token is used in the title string?

Like so;

“Some Collection Title [tokenid]”

In my case, two tokens in my collection were redeemed.

BTD Sufferers 61 and BTD Sufferers 62.

But the tokens were not redeemed in that order, so that BTD Sufferers 62 has token id 61 and BTDS 61 has 62. I will need to go back and edit the titles when gwei is lower.

My work around for now will be to release tokens one at a time and only after a previous token has been redeemed.

But I was wondering if it might be possible to add a numbering system like I have suggested?

Thank you