Editing claim page not working

My claim page is live, I tested it and it works but I need to make changes to the art, price and description and it is not working but is giving me an error of

“Something went wrong
execution reverted: Claim already initialized”

my wallet address is 0x5dFbA00292546c5a6AFcb11a792608F43B613759

adding the link to my claim page too Non-Fungible Fitness

To be more clear, editing feature seem to work under “editing claim” but changes do not reflect on the claim page or opensea.

gm. Thanks for all the details. Looks like one piece wasn’t in place from repairing things last night.
Now fixed. Sorry for the interruption!

cool project btw, love the card

thank you so much! everything seems to be working great now. I appreciate your prompt support!!!