Editing description on an ERC-1155 doesn't work

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Wallet address:

Summary of the issue
I’m trying to edit the description of one of my NFT (ERC-1155) and goes through all steps of the update. But ultimately the description doesn’t get updated on Opensea, Rarible etc…

What are you trying to do?
Editing the NFT description in order to update it on every platform.

What is the actual outcome? Are you seeing any error messages?
The description doesn’t get updated on Opensea or Rarible. And I also receive a bunch (6) of emails that are unrelated, about how I created a claim page etc. But what I only did is, trying to edit the description of the token.
A screenshot of the issue/error with the console.
It’s hard to screenshot since everything goes smooth on Manifold, I get a confirmation that the token is updated etc :tada: but once I check on Opensea, nothing happened.
What browser are you using? Google Chrome and Arc
What wallet are you using? Metamask

gm! Is this for a Claim page? For Claims please keep in mind there’s a difference between updating your Claim description and updating your token metadata. Can you send us the Opensea link of the token you’re trying to update?

This might be a helpful guide in problem solving: