Editing tokens after an OE with different rarities/quantities


Looking at releasing a project which would start as an Open edition with the same artwork, and then reveal to have 5 different artwroks with varying rarities. Then after a period of time a set of all 5 artworks can be burned to receive a final token.

Have been looking at the Customize Editions Case study linked below but think all the editions are the same quanities so not sure if it’s possible to edit that? Maybe something in the .csv I’m missing?

Is this possible through manifold?
Would love to get some guidance on this :pray:

Thank you!

Hi - Not sure what you mean by the editions are the same quanities? With the spreadsheet you’ll be able to add whatever metadata you like so thats entirely up to you!

Sorry what I meant by the editions are the same quantities was how can I make some tokens rarer than others in the final collection after updating the token artworks on an ERC721 Claim page.

When you read the case study of Gemma feat. Dalek, there’s a claim page with one token, this one token was then replaced by 1 of 25 artworks, but all of these had the same rarity so they’d all feature in the final collection a similar amount.

What I’m looking to do is replace it with only 1 of 5 different artworks, with one of those artworks only showing up maybe 4 times in the final colelction, and then the others showing up 40 or 50 times.

When I watch the customize ERC721 video (linked below) and paused at 1 minute the.csv shows the name and string numbered #1/6.

Is it maybe in this column I could determine quanitites in the final collection? Or is this just not possible with manifold…

I don’t really want to have to waste a bunch of Eth to test it and don’t believe you can do claim pages on testnet

In the Gemma example there are 25 pieces but they are of different rarities - It’s up to you how you want to setup the spreadsheet so different quantities is definitely possible!

Ah I see so that must be the numbers after the slash in the .csv, as in the csv there is a number in the title followed by another number which doesn’t appear as the token title, so I’m assuming that’s the rarity!

I’ll have a play around on testnet and hopefully will be able to sort it out from there.

Thanks for the response Lyndo!

Yeah basically you’ll get an empty csv template and it’s up to you to fill in the metadata. Completely up to you how you want to sort it out.